Friday, November 11, 2005

Date tip - shut up

Shut Up!

If you are wondering why you never go on second or third dates, but are attractive, educated and so forth then it is probably because you lack the ability to hold a conversation – if this is true SEEK HELP IMMEDIATLEY!

I’m probably beating a dead horse here, but it seems that even though most people know this, they have forgotten that a conversation involves two or more people conversing – not one. If you want to impress someone, talking about yourself all night is not the way to do it. Nor should you only ask questions and put everything on your date’s shoulders, which is just as boring.

If you are asked a question, try and keep your response to less than ten minutes – we are not looking for your entire history on the subject. Ask questions in return. Try not to talk about ex’s – we all have them, and we are all guilty of this but it can be really boring, a huge turnoff and very dangerous. To many drinks and the next thing you know your ranting about what a jerk they were and how they cheated on you and left you for someone half your age, and… oops, sorry – I’ll stop now. Read anything; books, newspapers, the back of your cereal box – this will make you a more interesting person and will help your vocabulary. It’s true, I promise. And drink a lot, this will loosen up both you and your date, if they are too drunk then they won’t remember, or won’t really be listening closely in the first place (kidding). Cheers.

Frustrated Daily Quote: T]he common thread that binds nearly all animal species seems to be that males are willing to abandon all sense and decorum, even to risk their lives, in the frantic quest for sex. ~Randy Thornhill and Craig T. Palmer, A Natural History of Rape


Sunday, November 06, 2005

Cheap Dates- San Francisco Style

Something Different - Why Waste Your Money

If I were a man, I don’t know how I would possibly be able to pay my bills at the end of the month. Taking girls out is expensive, especially when it doesn’t work out – a lot of money spent on something that’s not going to go anywhere. But, you don’t really need to spend that much, not only are their lots of cheap date ideas, but they are usually more fun and most likely you will be taking her somewhere new and different – and that will make you look cool.

The Romantic Date; I think the romantic date should always come first – the last thing you want is to make her feel like your buddy. Don’t loose the romance before it’s even started. The best romantic date I ever went on, was only the cost of a 12$ bottle of wine from Trader Joes, (you could also get away with Two Buck Chuck). It’s not about the price of the wine, but where you drink it – The Palace of Fine Arts. Even those who have lived in San Francisco for years, may have never seen the dome lit up at night – very romantic. If you are both adventurous, you can climb up, I don’t know what they are called – one of those wall thingies, anyways you should be able to find them on your own – hint, they look like giant steps but they are meant as large planters. It will all come together.
So back to the romance – my best date took me there and on a blanket we sat by the water and drank zinfandel right from the bottle. Listening to distant sounds of the city and learning as much about each other as we would in between kissing and sipping. Now, it helps if you speak French – even better if you can sing French love songs (which he could, and yes, I am still melting), but the French is not necessary, I’m sure your finger shadow puppets are just as good.

After the romance has been established comes the fun date. If you are a fun guy then this should be easy. One option that I like Open Mike Standup Comedy Night at the Brainwash on Thursday. This is free, although you should probably buy her a beer and snack – but everything here is super cheap. It’s a great place to people watch, its fun and laid back, and if you a real idiot you can do your laundry at the same time – there’s a Laundromat in the back.

Just a few ideas to get you started and save you some bucks, you shouldn’t have to spend money on her until you know that she’s worth it.

Any suggestions? Let me know how it goes.


Money Matters - Frustrating Single Scene

Originally uploaded by BOOJOO.

You Just Look Like An Idiot

I ain’t saying she’s a gold-digger…

The truth is men, that although most women would like to find a man that is financially secure, she doesn’t necessarily want to hear about it during your introduction – especially if you are obviously trying to make yourself look better. When you tell us right away about your vacation house in Spain, your yacht, or how you are the CEO of your own company with in the first five minutes of meeting us, then instead of appearing like a good catch you just look like a looser who is insulting our intelligence. We are wondering; does he have anything else to offer? Is his self esteem really that low? Is he telling me all this because he doesn’t know any jokes?

The only thing worse is stretching the truth to make yourself look better then you really are. I had one guy tell me that his family owned a very successful horse ranch, come to find out the truth is his brother in-law was a horse trainer. Another guy sent chauffeured town cars to pick me up and deliver me to fancy restaurants were he was awaiting my arrival – mysterious, luxurious, and romantic – turned out to be something that he was not. 3rd date we took a taxi. Nothing wrong with a cab, but why the front? Now everything he does seems fake and leaves me wondering what the truth or motivation really is – I never asked him how much money he made, why the need to lie?

Do you really want a woman who will date you for your money?

Please share your comments.

Daily Fustrated Quote: Men get laid, but women get screwed. ~Quentin Crisp


Friday, November 04, 2005

Mission-San Francisco

Originally uploaded by frustrated_cities.

Love This City!
Everything you need for a night on the town - all in one convenient store;

smokes, phone cards, and of course hip hop clothing


Desperate Horny Men

We Know Your All Horny, But Begging Won't Get You This

Begging, pleading, whining – one would think that these behaviors would have ceased when a boy leaves high school – but one would think wrong. I don’t see how men can possibly think that this would work, yet recently I have encountered several who think that they have a chance if they plead or pout.

Starting with smooth talk, oh baby, you are so fine, I could hold you in my arms forever.

Then talk of the future (this way she will think I am in it for the long haul because I’m already planning a weekend vacation with her), you know, I have a cabin in the mountains – would you want to come skiing with me?

Then, a little talk about how long it’s been since they’ve had any action, I broke up with my ex over 4 months ago…sob (translation I’m so horny)

Then they will actually come out and say it … I’m so horny, you turn me on so much, please can’t we just do it, I don’t want to play games. If they are in real dire straights they will point out how big their cock is, try to have it touched – hey if she only knew how big, hard and beautiful my dick was, then she wouldn’t be able to stop herself from blowing me.

Finally, my favorite: the pout. They become quite, and try to look remorseful, then they berate themselves, I’m sorry, I can’t believe I’m acting like this. Your right I should be more respectful, I’m so stupid. This is only for show; it’s still part of their game, as soon as the guard is let down, they will pounce on your neck like a vampire coming out of 3,000 year hibernation.

None of this should work, and by now they look so stupid and pathetic, were just waiting for them to disappear so that we can call up all of our friends and laugh, and gloat over the power of the pussy. Yes, ladies, we have the power and control… don’t give it up.

Daily Frustrated Quote: We all worry about the population explosion, but we don't worry about it at the right time. ~Arthur Hoppe


Myspace Fools

I Am Not a Gurl!

This is not a joke, this is an actual message that I just recieved on myspace.

what up miss look absolutely beautiful!!! I am a recording artist and I use myspace as a way of promoting myself and my music efforts. I click on the pretty gurls....gurls love music, and they love to dance to it. Pretty gurls tend support good music...and dudes tend to support pretty, kills two birds with one stone. I'm bout to be in Vegas, LA, New York, Oakland, and Atlanta quite a bit as I work on completing my solol album...NOthing wrong with knowing folks...especially beautiful ones from the opposite sex. Even better if they have some substance..ya know? It's nothing special, and not some perverted whatever trying to get at you...It's just an ole Seattle boy, by way of the South who is about to blow up doing what I Love doing (making music)....and I decided to reach out to you...if you have time to, check the songs out, or just add me as a buddy and we can talk from time to time. Take care, and keep doing ya thing...Looking very good!!

Ok, I appreciate the complements and everything, but is this really how people talk? Did you read anything on my page? Because, if you had then you would know that nowhere do I say; holla, boi, peeps, nigga or any other slang words. This should automatically disqualify me from being one of the many pretty gurls.

Sorry if I'm mean.


Frustrated? I Can Help

Hit me with your best shot - Having trouble with the opposite sex? I can help, or laugh... just kidding.
Post your questions, comments, or thoughts.


Thursday, November 03, 2005

My Space for My Ho's

My Space -
First of all I want to give kudos to whomever came up with this idea – I’m sure you are now richer then god. With a network of 36,000 plus, My Space is the perfect place to meet new people, flirt, pass the time, and advertise yourself or whatever it is you want to do.

Without the hassle, time, and know how it takes to set up a web site, anyone can use My Space. It’s free and takes only minutes to log on and then you have your own site were you can post as many pictures as you want, write blogs, list your friends and so forth. The down side is; everyone is viewing you, judging you, and trying to mack on you.

Of course, if you are looking for a younger thug boyfriend this is perfect. Most of your extended network seems to consist of younger guys who can’t spell and post pictures of their cars more than anything else. Desperately trying to use the site as a dating or live chat room to get their bone on with girls they find hot, one guy wrote me this:

what do u think?
hey there sexy! Wow you are very beautiful and seem awesome! I am just going to be upfront and honest, and tell u that I have a fantasy to be with a women older then me! I never have and I really want to. I know what im doing, and women my age dont do it for me anymore! Let me know what u think.

I think GROSS! Plus mister Gonzo – yes that was what he referred to himself as, fuck you for calling me an older woman, oh wait I’m sorry you didn’t finish high school, a women. Of course what more could you expect from Vacaville?

So, although it is a great place to network and have fun, you will also have to deal with perverted jerks. Plus, I heard that most of your network is composed of high school age kids pretending to be older. And what is up with all of these girls putting up what looks like their portfolio for playboy? I receive friend invites from guys and I notice that all of their listed friends are girls posing on all fours or looking over their shoulders at the camera with their ass hanging out.

I’m not saying that this site couldn’t be utilized for dating, it could be no different from, so my advice guys and gals; if you want to be taken seriously post serious pictures, don’t ask older women to fuck you, and don’t make all of your friends hot young girls with whom we know you have never really talked to.

Any stories to share?


Don't Call Me Babe!

Don't Call Me Babe!!!!

You can take a woman out on the best planed date - nice restaurant, dancing, romance- you can oopen her doors and treat her like a princess, but it will all be in vain if you call her Babe.
ex: "Hey, Babe, what ya want to drink?"
We cringe. We double cringe when you then turn to the cocktail waitress and say "Babe, get us 2..." Inless the girl sitting across from you is wearing acid wash, cutoffs (that she cut herself), and grew up somewhere where her home had the potential of being mobile and in danger of being picked up by a hurricane (not what I meant by being mobile), then it doesn't matter if you are king ofthe universe - you can not say "Babe".

Case in point - awhile ago I met a guy, he took me to the Boulivard in San Francisco (A+ date spot, ahi tuna tartare is out of this world - save for really special dates $$$$), then to a cool lounge. He was sweet, cute, funny and more importantly thought I was funny. He insisted on calling me babe. Now, try to give people the benifite of the doubt, so I agreed on another date (tuesday night - no big deal). Hey Sky, Babe - yep, no kidding, a 35 year old man should never utter those words. I'm honest, I told him please don't refer to me as babe - for one, we are so far away from the pet name phase and two... well... never call me Babe. He areed, apologized - and then he called me and every other woman babe for the entire evening. I told him to not worry about calling me babe - just never call, period.

So, unless you've found that special someone who doesn't give a rat's ass what you call her, please sweetie for everyones dignity, don't call her Babe.

Daily Frustrated Quote: There are three possible parts to a date, of which at least two must be offered: entertainment, food, and affection. It is customary to begin a series of dates with a great deal of entertainment, a moderate amount of food, and the merest suggestion of affection. As the amount of affection increases, the entertainment can be reduced proportionately. When the affection is the entertainment, we no longer call it dating. Under no circumstances can the food be omitted. ~Miss Manners' Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Behaviour


Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween Queen


The Castro Halloween Party

Halloween in the Castro

Tricking out San Francisco Style

castro street
Originally uploaded by honorédebalzac.

This is why I love this city! I had so much fun in the Castro this Halloween, with the streets swarming with divas, queens and monsters, how could I not. Just look at this crowd with an estimated 300,000 people, it was a crazy party.

Trying to keep it safe with a strong police force (saw a lot of hot cops and some of them were very flirty - such a naughty girl I am), there were still a few bad incidents. 6 people were shot, and 1 person was stabbed, luckily none of the wounds sustained were life threatening.
I was fortunate, I experienced mostly good vibes, although I did have a few guys in the crowd try and cop a feel on my ass (I did scream and embarrass them though, just because I’m dressed like a whore…). My friend said he witnessed 3 fights in 10 minutes, 2 of them girl fights, if only they had been naked in mud hmm…
Can’t wait till next year!


Sunday, October 30, 2005

French- Make Me Melt

Its true what they say, French is one of the most romantic languages...


Saturday, October 29, 2005

Bad Boy Good Boy- Women Can't Choose

Bad Boys vs. Good Boys- What do Women Really Desire?

It’s an ongoing debate, and one of the biggest complaints of good boys: do girls really like bad boys more? Most men will say they do, most girls will say, well… they don’t know what they like yet, and women sick of bad boys, will think that they are now ready for good boys.

Bad boys are fun, wild, and dangerous. They invoke a raw sex appeal; we can imagine them passionately making love to us on the back of their bike- hot and sweaty, mixed with the smell of leather, stubble scratching our necks – a little rough. Good guys on the other hand, we imagine; cooking dinner, cuddling on the couch and after brushing and flossing, climbing into bed and making love – slow and even with the smell of cotton and fabric softener. Smooth chins that make us wonder if he’s been using our moisturizer.

Now, both of these types of guys are good in there different ways. The bad guys are the ones that a woman usually seems to fall for when she’s young, but later realizes that a bad boy is just that – bad. They break hearts. Eventually their novelty wears off and a woman realizes that she wants to be wined and dined. A man that calls, and brings flowers – and not just because he just fucked her best friend, but because he’s a good guy, this is what a woman wants later, or at least she thinks she does… but does a women really ever know what she wants? Boys you need to learn how to be both.

Daily Frustrated Quote: Tell him I've been too fucking busy - or vice versa. ~Dorothy Parker


Addiction-Single, Crazy, Free, City Life



an Addiction: It's Called Being Single

The longer we enjoy single life, the harder it is to settle down. The freedom, the excitement of meeting new people, the thrill of that first kiss…eager anticipation – but most of all with so many options, how does one pick?
Recently, I went shopping for a laptop. Attempting to be an educated consumer, I began researching on line. What exactly was I looking for, the basics to the top of the line, cost comparisons, consumer reports and so forth. I went to Comp USA, to Fry’s, I talked with sales reps. After all of that I walked away with nothing – so confused and worried that I’d buy the wrong one, or that next week it might go on sale. The pressure was simply too much – I had to keep my options open. I continue to use my roommates outdated, slow as hell desktop.

I’ve been single for awhile – I would like to get married and pursue the fairy tale life. But, much like the laptop, the more I look for mister right the more I worry about settling for the wrong guy. I date – a lot – but no matter how great my date was I still can’t commit. Do I want stability and hard working, or do I want fun and crazy – does the whole package exist?

I know I’m not the only one with this problem; both men and women seem to become more and more fickle when it comes to their future mates. I’m not saying one shouldn’t be, but are we being too picky? Will our generation end up 80 and still unable to commit in case there may be someone better, more beautiful, educated, and rich around the corner? Is the single, city life addicting?

I think it is...

Daily Frustrated Quote: To hear many religious people talk, one would think God created the torso, head, legs and arms, but the devil slapped on the genitals. ~Don Schrader


Friday, October 28, 2005

Gay Bars-Hetero Men

If You are a Man and You Don't Think This Looks Hot, Then You're Probably Not Gay!

It’s called misrepresentation and it’s not fair. When I go to a gay bar with my gay friends I expect all of the other guys there to be gay. I let go, I dance crazy, and I do so with the comfort of knowing that there aren’t any over crazed under sexed straight men leering at me (maybe a few dykes). So what where so many straight guys doing in my gay club last night!

Gay men love beautiful girls – I think we all love beautiful girls – they love to shop with them, check out hot guys with them, and complain about each others boyfriends together. They also love the fact that they can get away with dancing super sexy with beautiful girls (I’ve noticed this increases if a straight man is watching – oh look I can do this and you can’t!). That being said, a straight man should not be able to walk up to a girl in an all gay club (minus us fag hags) and ask a women to dance - unless he discloses ahead of time that he is straight. It’s misrepresentation. Last night I was at the Café on Market and Castro, and a younger Latino guy (it was Latin night) asks me to dance. We dance, he grinds, and then he flirts – way too much. Now it should be known that I am not much of a grinder – sexy dancing is ok, but straight men seem to find grinding cause for arousal. This guy was straight – not even bi. I asked him why he was at a gay bar, friends, curiosity… no he was here with his straight pals, apparently bugging the fag hags.

Please, we go to gay bars to take a break from horny, hetero males. So, please unless you are escorted by someone gay, or are very curious, all of the Straight Boys need to stay out of the gay clubs… unless your really cute.

Fraustrated Daily Quote: There is nothing wrong with going to bed with someone of your own sex. People should be very free with sex, they should draw the line at goats. ~Elton John

The Cafe 2367 Market St
San Francisco, CA 94114-1617
(415) 861-3846


Thursday, October 27, 2005

Halloween Party- Crack Whore Style

Pimp 'n Ho Party
Good Clean Halloween Fun
This Saturday I'm going to a pimp'n ho party. I thought that this theme died with the 90's - but apparently not. Of course the host is a male. Annoyed that I have to dress like a ho - I know, I could dress like a pimp, but I won't - so, in protest I've decided to go as a crack whore (are there really any other kind?).
It will be great. My nylons will be ripped, my makeup smeared, and track marks will be painted up my arm. I plan on attaching a syringe to the underside of my arm - any tips on how to do that would be appreciated. But, the best part is that I get to walk around telling guys I'll give them a blow job for a fix. You can't beat that.

Daily Frustrated Quote: When a guy goes to a hooker, he's not paying her for sex, he's paying her to leave. ~Author Unknown


Bad Girls Get Results

When Bitching and Whining Won't Get the Job Done

Originally uploaded by Wind LaSS.

I did something really bad last night. I don’t regret it though, but I am a little nervous about getting in trouble- I hate it when people are mad at me. I was kind of drunk coming home last night, and upon opening the front door I was hit with the foul stench of cat shit. Not exactly the welcome home I had in mind. The unpleasant greeting mixed with my intoxication made Sky a very unpleasant girl.

The litter box was overflowing – again. The owner of the cat, my roommate, was out. So, I did something bad. I picked up the litter box, carried it through the apartment and deposited on my roommate’s bed.

I haven’t seen him yet, he leaves for work early- but this morning the littler box was clean. Problem solved, hopefully…

Daily Frustrated Quote: Flies spread disease - keep yours zipped. ~Author Unknown


Wednesday, October 26, 2005

111 Minna- Hot People, Dancing, Cocktails

Originally uploaded by EWilund.

Happy Hour in San Francisco -
Drinking Fun For Everyone

Wednesday night in the city, the perfect night to start your pre-weekend drinking and find a Halloween date. Just what I plan on doing. 111 Minna, an art gallery, bar, dance club, is one of the happy hour hot spots in the city – so hot that they get away with charging a cover charge and mucho $$ for cocktails. But it’s worth it. Once inside good looking people are abound and there’s a DJ spinning dance music.

11 Minna Street Gallery
111 Minna Street
San Francisco, CA 94105
cross street: between New Montgomery & 2nd
district: Soma
phone: 415-974-1719


Halloween-Parties, Castro, Exotic Erotica Ball, So Much Fun!

Halloween - The Perfect Exuse to Dress Super Sexy

Halloween Costume
Originally uploaded by
It’s almost Halloween. One of my favorite holidays, and one of the sexiest especially in San Francisco, Hallows Eve is no longer just for kids.

I started my pagan festivities last Saturday with the Exotic Erotica Ball at the Cow Palace. Talk about a frustrated city, watch a bunch of horny men walk around a room full of young, scantly clad, super sexy girls – I assure you most men went home very frustrated! Unfortunately, most of the nudists were old and ugly. To them I say, please for all of us, put it away.

Saturday will be a Pimp’n Ho party, and of course the 31st I will be in the Castro taking pictures and wishing that all of the hot men wearing practically nothing were straight. But alas, no touchy.

Happy Halloween
What are your plans?


Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Dr. Atomic-Contemporary Opera by John Adams

DR. ATOMIC Put Me to Sleep

My friend and I could hardly wait for the intermission, at which point we looked at each other and in unison ran for the door. I enjoy the opera, I’m certainly nowhere near an aficionado, but I have been to a few (well at least 2 others). Dr. Atomic, by John Adams, was so mind-numbing that I was prepared to stab my eyes out – especially when they had repeated thunder and lighting – blinding flashes and deafening booms, strong enough to provoke an epileptic seizure.

Although, dealing with the morale complexities surrounding Hiroshima, and angst is what operas are usually based on, the atomic bomb is not meant for the opera... in my opinion. Furthermore, I do not believe that an opera should ever be sung in English, it just plain sounds wrong, but more importantly it should never have the lines “Then I ate two brownies… 400 calories” I thought I would die laughing. Then, I thought I would just plain die when the two main characters took about 6 minutes to slowly walk across the stage – yup, that was all, they just walked, no singing. As luck would have it, we had middle, aisle seats 6 rows back from the orchestra, whereas I am normally have nose bleed seats.

Once we left the San Francisco Opera House, my evening became much more exciting. First we popped in to Jardinière for cocktails and whining about how excruciatingly horrid the show was. Then we moved on to the Jade Bar on Gough - one of my favorites - where we had even more cocktails (we could no longer afford the cocktails at Jardinière). So the night was not completely lost. We drank, we laughed and despite the odd looks people shot us, continued to make fools of ourselves with our bad opera, singing... "I ate two brownies"

Daily Frustrated Quote: There are a number of mechanical devices which increase sexual arousal, particularly in women. Chief among these is the Mercedes-Benz 380SL convertible. ~P.J. O'Rourke


Quest for Sexual fulfillment... with your friends

Save a Finger - do a Friend

I once heard that New York is the city where nobody sleeps and San Francisco is the city where everybody sleeps together. This is true. Never have I seen a place where people are so open with their sexuality. San Francisco has taken the term friends with benefits to a whole new level.

The truth is though, that Friends with Benefits can well, have a lot of benefits. Rather then walking around so wound up with sexual frustration that we end up killing someone, or worse yet – sleeping with someone on the first date –oh the humanity! - we are able to relieve the tension in our groins with someone we know and trust… at least a little. And many San Franciscans do just that. I’ve even seen adds from people searching for friends with benefits. The problem though, is that one of the parties involved may forget that they are just sex buddies. This can get ugly and even result in the end of a friendship. It is very important to set out your expectations in the beginning. These can change – but it’s better for both of you if they don’t.

Another benefit with having a bed buddy is the freedom of sexual exploration. This will probably not turn out to be your future wife/husband, so, go ahead and experiment with sodomy or hey – why not a threesome? This saves the love making for your more serious intimate relationships in the future.

You can choose someone you just met (dancing, craigslist) or a friend you’ve had for awhile, either way, it’s the trendy thing to do.

Daily Frustrated Quote: Sex without love is an empty experience, but as empty experiences go it's one of the best. ~Woody Allen


Monday, October 24, 2005

Hot Sex With a Stranger-Girls Fantasy

Every Girl Has Here Fantasies - But Could She Ever Really Go Through With Them?


I am Naughty... hate me love me, whatever - but I'm divulging another female fantasy: SEX WITH A TOTAL STRANGER. Girls share everything with their friends (yes, all of your girlfriends buddies know exactly how big you are... how else would you explain the snickering?)

I have allot of girlfriends and we... I mean they all dream of being taken by the hot construction worker or having a hunky Kent Clark look alike stop the elevator and hike up their skirts. But, this is just a fantasy. Do not try this at home.. you will, at best, get slapped - hard, really hard... maybe ;)

Women are struggling with the mergence of their pre conceived societal and media fed notions of how they are supposed to approach sex, and the glorious notion of sexual liberation. Growing up with the fear of being a slut, but once they become comfortable with womanhood - realizing that it is ok to do what they want or desire - learning to allow themselves the freedom of fucking like a guy. Most want, but can't make it that far. But, still try…

If you check out Craigslist you will find tons of people looking for the special someone, who only wishes to share their life… for about an hour. Hooking up on line with someone for a quick kinky romp feels different then sleeping with someone on the first date. At least this is how a girl thinks – she is in charge just as much as he is – there’s no way for her to feel taken advantage of and she doesn’t have to feel like a slut if he never calls.

A friend of mine called recently with exciting news; she had met a guy on Craigslist. She didn’t know his name, she wasn’t sure exactly where he was from – and she didn’t care. What she did know; he was married, he was traveling on business, he was promising safe, hot sex with a stranger, and he was staying at the St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco. They promised to keep everything anonymous, and meet in the lobby at 10:00 p.m. She walked in - nervous and excited - she met him, she walked out. She couldn’t go through with it. Realizing that if she took this jump that could be it – where would it stop, would she search out more traveling strangers, would she become a sex addict. Sex with a stranger is better left to our fantasies. But, how about a little roll-playing?

Daily Frustrated Quote: The tragedy of sexual intercourse is the perpetual virginity of the soul. ~William B. Yeats


Date Tips 101-Don't Call Me Babe


You can take a woman out on the best planed date - nice restaurant, dancing, romance- you can open her doors and treat her like a princess, but it will all be in vain if you call her Babe.
ex: "Hey, Babe, what ya want to drink?"
We cringe. We double cringe when you then turn to the cocktail waitress and say "Babe, get us 2..." Unless the girl sitting across from you is wearing acid wash, cutoffs (that she cut herself), and grew up somewhere where her home had the potential of being mobile and in danger of being picked up by a hurricane (not what I meant by being mobile), then it doesn't matter if you are king of the universe - you can not say "Babe".

Case in point - a while ago I met a guy, he took me to the Boulevard in San Francisco (A+ date spot, ahi tuna tar tare is out of this world - save for really special dates $$$$), then to a cool lounge. He was sweet, cute, and funny and more importantly, thought I was funny. But, he insisted on calling me babe. Now, try to give people the benefit of the doubt, so I agreed on another date (Tuesday night - no big deal). “Hey Sky, Babe” - yep, no kidding, a 35 year old man should never utter those words. I'm honest, I told him please don't refer to me as babe - for one, we are so far away from the pet name phase and two... well... never call me Babe. He agreed, apologized - and then he called me and every other woman Babe for the entire evening. I told him to not worry about calling me babe - just never call, period.

So, unless you've found that special someone who doesn't give a rat's ass what you call her, please sweetie for everyone’s dignity, don't call her Babe.

Daily Frustrated Quote: There are three possible parts to a date, of which at least two must be offered: entertainment, food, and affection. It is customary to begin a series of dates with a great deal of entertainment, a moderate amount of food, and the merest suggestion of affection. As the amount of affection increases, the entertainment can be reduced proportionately. When the affection is the entertainment, we no longer call it dating. Under no circumstances can the food be omitted. ~Miss Manners' Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Behavior

1 Mission St. San Francisco


Saturday, October 22, 2005

Bareback- Sexy Country Musical

Originally uploaded by Tom Hayes.
Bareback, a Sexy Country Musical
Think Coyote Ugly Turned Up a Notch!

I now know why they say, "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas", and not "what happens in Reno stays in Reno" - because nothing happens in Reno! Plus it looks like the entire casino gamblers have been beaten with the ugly stick. While its flattering to be the youngest, and best looking in a room full of people, it's also kind of boring.*

I did have fun though, I came with good company and we ate and drank like kings. We also stayed in a suite with a Jacuzzi and a bar and I admit - we saw some very good looking people... they were on stage though. Last night we saw the country/rock show, Bareback, and (except for the comedian) all of the performers were gorgeous.

Bareback is a musical with out a plot, its just a bunch of hot guy and girls singing country songs like "Save a Horse and Ride a Cowboy" (this was by far the sexiest bit). But, really what it is, is an excuse for old couples to watch a strip show. Yes, like the rest of Reno, the audience was old, white and fat. A glorified striptease (a poll was brought out), sprinkled with a little soft porn (couple rode the mechanical bull while wearing only g-string's and making out), some humor added in and fun upbeat songs, made for a good time for all - and a lot of happy old husbands who will probably pay dearly for that shit eating grin they wore the entire time.

*Sorry if I offended anyone… no, not really.

Daily Frustrated Quote: The difference between pornography and erotica is lighting. ~Gloria Leonard


Jet settin' Who Knew Traveling Could So Fun

Jet settin'
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The Mile High Club,
There's No Excuse to Not Join
New Recruitment's
Daily - Ticket Purchase Required

We are all sick of the bar scene, yet like donkeys chasing the carrot on a string we continue to frequent our local hot spots. What you should remember is that single people are everywhere, and they are just as desperate (maybe more... at least more trusting) as they are in clubs and bars. I would like to share a new hot spot to meet singles - don't blame me though if they turn out to be married. The airport. Not just any airlines though, but, South West.

Yes, they treat you like cattle, make you wait in line because you don't have assigned seats. They have searched me, thoroughly, every time I've flown with them and they leave the gate right on time (I'm writing this as I wait for my new flight - having missed my intended flight by three min. - yes I was being searched and, no he wasn't hot). But all of these points can be turned around if you play your cards right. Your plane will usually land ahead of schedule = more time to play. You can sit next to a hottie rather then being assigned a seat next to your grandmothers grandmother. Plus you can get a nice, warm rush when the cute security guy searches your bags only to find your black lacy thong - or at least I did! All of this combined with the fact that everyone on South West is Single... or at least traveling alone - hey, practice makes perfect.

So, no matter what frustrated city your leaving, or which one your headed to, you will have no one to blame but yourself if the the trip is a total waste of time. With a continuance of non stop flights and cheap fares, South West is a haven for business people. So even if you aren't looking for someone, or are just to chicken shit to blatantly sit in the empty sit next to the hot chick, then your bound to at least network with you fellow frequent flyer's - plus he'll probably buy his own drink.

Daily Frustrated Quote: "Nothing risqué, nothing gained." ~Alexander Woollcott


Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Can City Men Turn a Frustrated Straight Girl Gay?... Or at Least a Little Bi...




Turn a

Frustrated Straight Girl Gay?

... Or at Least a Little Bi...

Ok, men, I hate to burst your bubble, but not all women have messed around with other women - unless of course they live in San Francisco.

San Francisco is full of transplants, who after witnessing the raw sexuality bared on her hilly streets; men kissing men, women kissing women, stores filled with porn, sex toys and bondage on every corner - are forced to abandon their preconceived notions, not only about their own sexuality, but also that of the world around them. They grow, they change, they adapt. This, combined with men who are afraid to commit and don’t know how to treat a lady, results in a growing population of women who are driven into the nurturing arms of other women.

Usually if a woman is going to mess around with another woman, it will most likely happen in her late teens or early 20's. It should be safe to say that if it hasn't happened by her late 20's it probably won't happen - unless they move to S.F.

Around two years ago a friend relocated to our famous city by the bay. Single, hot, and in her early 30's, she was ready for the one. Who knew it would be a woman! After dealing with the eligible men in the city, she was so fed up and annoyed that when an attractive woman came on to her, she went with it. And many others – exasperated with the dating situation have gone to the “Other Side” or at least experimented a little.

So here is my advice to all of the frustrated men who complain about city women and that there are too many lesbians; improve yourself, your manners, your looks, your faithfulness and honesty – learn to actually listen. Remember your fellow sister’s can teach you a lot.

And women…if you haven’t experimented at least a little… well it’s never too late :) Any good stories to share – from either side of course!

The Daily Frustrated Quote: "Girls who put out are tramps. Girls who don't are ladies. This is, however, a rather archaic usage of the word. Should one of you boys happen upon a girl who doesn't put out, do not jump to the conclusion that you have found a lady. What you have probably found is a Lesbian."~ Fran Lebowitz


Monday, October 17, 2005

Fleet Week in San Francisco - Sailors Service Frustrated City Girls

Fleet Week in

San Francisco -

sailors service frustrated city girls

Where are all the sexy sailors?
Girls are waiting for their man in white to spoil them for a night - pleasuring them for an evening, and only one before they leave port... never to be seen again.

Last weekend was Fleet Week in San Francisco. Translation: last weekend there were sailors in San Francisco. In a city were women complain about there not being enough straight men, this is good news. Men poured into the streets of San Francisco, filling the bars of North Beach and stirring the libidos of frustrated city girls.

I was out of town. A friend called, excited, telling me that she was on her way out to find a sailor. She heard North Beach was the place and she was prepared to do anything. She found him, she bed him, she forgot him. Another friend called, she was in love. Stationed in Hawaii, her sailor had swept her off her feet. They spent four days together and she’s convinced he’s the one. We went to a psychic – she won’t find true love until she reaches 30. Plus he hasn’t called.

Whether, it’s the romantic notion of falling for a man that is away serving his country while you suffer at home with nothing but a photo, and your illusions of what could be – or the thrill of getting fucked by a stranger – one that you will never have to worry about running into at a bar while your new boyfriend is buying you a drink. Meeting a military man on leave is still a fantasy for women - although not as romanticized by the media as it was in the past You don’t see many recent movies about new lovers torn apart when the navy ship leaves port, but sailors are still a popular way for a woman to get her kicks – and it’s guilt free. Any sexy sailor stories to share?

The Daily Frustrated Quote: "Love is the answer, but while you are waiting for the answer, sex raises some pretty good questions."-- Woody Allen


Sunday, October 16, 2005

Men Behaving Badly - frustration and sexual tension in San Francisco



Badly - Frustration and Sexual Tension

Frustration and sexual tension were rampant last night in the bars of San Francisco, and while clubbing, I started to wonder if women are to blame for the way men act sometimes. There were too many men behaving the same for it to just be a coincidence – they must be getting some positive response.

The behavior I’m referring to is touching. Now for me, if a man grabs me in any unsolicited way, I cringe. It makes me wish that there wasn’t a drink in my hand so I could try those defense moves that women learn in self-protection classes (I don’t know any though). Instead, I scream “Get your hands off me!” Five min. later someone else has their hands on me. I actually had a guy put both hands around my waist last night and beg me not to leave the club – I hadn’t seen or spoken to him during the whole evening! He felt comfortable with grabbing despite the fact that there had been no previous: flirting, chemistry, conversation, or eye contact.

Now, since so many men seem to feel comfortable with doing this, there must be just as many women out there who allow this. To them I say STOP BEING A SLUT! Why are you letting a stranger touch you? Is it exciting - does it boost your self-esteem? Is he really that HOT? What happened to the drink first?

The Daily Frustrated Quote: "Don't bother discussing sex with small children. They rarely have anything to add."-- Fran Lebowitz , American journalist


Saturday, October 15, 2005

Rooms in the Mondrian Hotel Hollywood

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As you'd imagine with a cuban asian restraunt (ASIA de CUBA)below, the hotel rooms are clean, white, and feature minimal straight lines. Get the rooms facing the pool. they have better views. If you tip the receptionist $20, they'll upgrade you into a $580 suite from a $340 single. Not bad for one day in LA huh?


Asia de Cuba vs SKYBAR in the Mondrian Hollywood on Sunset Blvd

Asia de Cuba
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If Asian Cuban Fusion Food Sounds Delicious. You'd be correct. The cuisine is soooo good, you'll need a smoke afterwards. Try the Paella. You'll see why.


OK, LAST POST about the gorgeous girls at the SKYBAR

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i've got nothing left to say here.


Mondrian's Asia De Cuba - Girls without Shades

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These are the girls in the last post. They've aged about 5 hours in this photo from the last one.


Sky Bar at the Mondrian Is a Hive of Gorgeous Girls

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As i Mentioned in the previous Post, this is the fare you'll find at the Mondrian Hotel. I wasnt kidding.


Lobby of Mondrian Hotel Invites Fashionistas

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If you spend more than 20 seconds in the lobby of the Mondrian, You'll run into the most glamorous guys and girls you've ever seen. They like to camouflage themselves by the uber expensive post modern mid century furnishings. But they still stick out. You'll find them to be initially aloof. But what they really want is to be noticed. seen and offered a drink at the Sky Bar down the hallway. Try It. You'll see.


The Mondrian Hotel and Sky Bar In Hollywood

The Mondrian
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The Lobby of the Mondrian has soft hip music. Its the stuff that Jose Padilla would play in Ibiza the morning after. The service is respectfully swank. The Drinks at Asia De Cuba are Powerful. And the Spa Just to the left of this picture is NEVER occupied. Most folks dont even know that it exists. If you drop in, Jump in the Sauna. They dont even check if you're staying in the hotel


Sky Bar LA Hollywood is the Redwood Room's Evil Counterpart

Sky Bar
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The Sky Bar at the Modrian Hotel is the Hollywood LA alter ego of the Clift Hotel's Redwood Room in the Theatre District of San Francisco. It offers more silicone, botox, and visual eye candy. But short changes you on the depth of conversation you encouter in the Clift. Both of these hotspots were created by Ian Schraeger.


Brunch at Urth Cafe Santa Monica Hollywood West LA

Girlsguide took this photo. It's clear that the food and the vibe of Urth is worth experiencing.


Friday, October 14, 2005

URTH Cafe West LA Hollywood Breakfast Restaurant

urth from the side street. cell phones are surprisingly ONLY used by handicapped foreigners. the locals keeps their cells turned OFF when they breakfast at urth cafe


URTH Cafe West LA Hollywood Breakfast Restaurant

You will first notice Sky. She was by far the most sparkling and pleasant diner at urth cafe this morning. If you look closely, you'll notice the massive spillage stains on your couldron'o'coffee. for a quick movie of this event, see:


URTH Cafe West LA Hollywood Breakfast Restaurant

The seating at urth is NOT spacious. But thats a good thing. you'll be butted right up against some of the most beautiful aspiring actresses and models you've ever butted up against.


URTH Cafe West LA Hollywood Breakfast Restaurant

Urth Cafe is not just a glamorati breakfast joint. It is also the home of Armando the Bus Boy's Ghost!


URTH Cafe West LA Hollywood Breakfast Restaurant

Urth Cafe as a bounty of assorted teas and hotties.


URTH Cafe West LA Hollywood Breakfast Restaurant

What other ways can i explain the bounty of beauty strutting through the tiny urth cafe?


URTH Cafe West LA Hollywood Breakfast Restaurant

2 simultaneously gorgeous women among the 20 others standing behind me at urth cafe


URTH Cafe West LA Hollywood Breakfast Restaurant

the door mat fails to explain how big the coffee is at urth cafe


URTH Cafe West LA Hollywood Breakfast Restaurant

The coffee at URTH Cafe comes in a couldron. I considered explaining that it comes in a bucket but buckets dont do the coffee cup size justice. I suppose that if you spend all night hob nobbing with directors and producers, you're gunna need all the caffeen you can get to stay up during your day job.


Urth Cafe Hollywood West LA Breakfast Restaurant

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The Urth Cafe is the hip spot for breakfast. The food is fresh, the service is friendly.

The News Room is Bigger and Louder. But Urth is where i've seen the greatest collection of scaldingly gorgeous women. They even feature fire resistant metal chairs.


Clift Hotel Redwood Room Lounge Bar

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When you walk into the Clift Hotel, You see Ian Schragers genius. It strikes you as an adult disney land. Plush Posh and exPensive, it invites to succumb to your whims.

If you hold out and stay conservative, the bounty of tall georgeous women and strong martiniis will cure you of any clear thinking. Salud!


Redwood Room Upscale Lounge Lizards

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The Redwood Room in the Clift Hotel. The light is warm, the martinis are cold, and the desperate 30 somethings are loud.


Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Hot Chicks Swarm at Urth Cafe

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